Supporting Independent Research and Innovation in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Researchers Hub is a non-profit association committed to advancing scientific research in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Founded by a dedicated group of highly skilled researchers, our mission is to foster collaboration, support, and innovation within the Luxembourg’s vibrant research community. Accredited as a private research institution by the General Directorate for Industry, new Technology and Research from the Ministry of the Economy, we are passionate about empowering and supporting independent researchers, providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to reach their scientific goals.

Through our active participation in Luxembourg’s research landscape, we aspire to contribute significantly to the nation’s objective of elevating its position as a frontrunner in innovative research. Our presence enhances the quality, competitiveness, and collaborative nature of research endeavors in Luxembourg. At the Luxembourg Researchers Hub, we envision to foster an environment that not only promotes innovative research but also strengthens Luxembourg’s global standing by encouraging independent scientific research and facilitating the retention and growth of a skilled research community within the country that pushes the boundaries of science.

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Are you passionate about scientific exploration and collaboration? We welcome partnerships, collaborations, and participation from researchers, institutions, and stakeholders who share our vision for pioneering research in Luxembourg.

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